Selling your Car in Vegas

When you want to sell your car so you can get a new one or just end the payments, you are looking to get top dollar as cash or as a trade in. Either way, it helps to work with a trustworthy dealership in the area. They can make you an offer or trade it for another vehicle.

Get it Sold or Traded In

Sell your car in Las Vegas with one of the premium dealerships. First, find a good dealership by looking online and then bring it in to get the best offer in cash or for trade in value. One way or the other, you will gain the value back for what you expended, at least as much value.

The cash offer you get should be based on the latest Kelly Blue Book values so you know that you are getting what the vehicle is worth. If you like the offer, you just sign the title over to the dealership and then you can walk away with the cash in your hand.

The same thing applies for a trade in. You should be able to apply the value of the car to a new purchase of a new or used vehicle. When you find something you like at the dealership, find out what their offer is and you can use the same process as cash to buy another vehicle.

Car Consignment Sales

If the offer from the dealership does not meet the idea of what you had anticipated, that is fine. There are still solutions such as the consignment programs that dealerships offer. The way that works is you leave your car with the dealership and they make you a guarantee that they will sell it through their dealership.

Either that or the dealership will still hold up their offer for a cash payment to buy the car from you or allow you to trade it in. If you want to qualify for consignment of the vehicle, you should have less than 60K miles on the vehicle and it will have to pass emissions testing for the state of Nevada.

Even if you still owe money on the car, you can do this. That works by the same method but you maintain the payments as usual until the car is sold. Then the money for the car is applied to your payoff and the title is transferred at that point.

This is the best way to sell your car fast, knowing that it is in good hands with a dealership that will advertise the car until it sells. Also, in the event that you change your mind, you can still get your car back if it has not been sold and the consignment will be canceled.

Your Next Car

If you are selling your car so that you can buy another one, then the dealership is the way to go. Since you can walk away with cash, you can buy another car from any place you wish. If you trade it in, you will need to buy one from that dealership.